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Niko has made it through the recent trials and tribulations in his life, and things are looking up again. We're both very grateful for all of your support and well-wishes over the past months. We can count ourselves lucky to have such great fans.

However, we've both become overly busy with other endeavors. For the time being, Fantasy Realms will remain on hiatus. If you'd like to find out more, you can follow Niko on Twitter or keep an eye on his art blog to see what he is up to at any given moment, while Clay is hard at work on a Revised Edition of his role-playing game OVA. You can see more about that at the official blog.

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As much as we hate to announce it, we will be unable to continue updates for Fantasy Realms as planned. Issues very large and personal have arisen, and the comic itself has become secondary as a resort. We ask for your understanding during this time, and hope you will still be around when such things are past.

For now, we encourage you to read the very excellent By Moon Alone penned by our friend Hai. The plot is beginning to thicken, and should satiate the fantasy void in our absence.

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Hello again, dear readers. As much as we hate to disappoint, it will be a little while longer for the Fantasy Realms relaunch. But fret not, when we come back on November 24th, you'll find our biggest content update ever, an entire chapter!
Those of you have continued to check by have no doubt noticed our absence. It's a long time, we know, and we never intended such a hiatus. Try as we might, sometimes life gets in the way. But all such things pass, and we're fully ready to jump back in the saddle!

On October 20th November 24th, expect us to return with a bang. The site will not only relaunch with a brand new design, but will feature an expansive update of pages, detailed character biographies, as well as many more nifty additions.

In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy our latest guest art by Christina Gardner (of no relation to the writer). The picture captures Ledin and Landra wasting some sunny day away. The whimsy of the bright watercolors conveys a lot of the warmth between them, but probably takes place a moment before a heated argument!

In other news, our good friend Hans Tseng has also resumed updating his own comic, one that's had its own share of an exorbiant hiatus. Directions of Destiny returns with updates every Thursday.

See you in October!
The music finally fades as memories of the past come crashing in. This page concludes Chapter VII, "For Old Time's Sake."

We also updated the desktop wallpapers in our Extras section.
The dance continues, but our favorite thieving youngster will have none of it. Shiva also seems to be having some misgivings...

In addition to the new page, we've added two new support options. Besides downloading our books at WOWIO, you can now support Fantasy Realms by voting for us at Top Web Comics and Buzz Comix -- the buttons are situated below the latest update box to the right. More clicks will make Fantasy Realms appear higher on the respective comic leaderboards, and thus our comic will be visible to an even larger audience.

We're not big fans of conning our readers into votes through exclusive incentives and the like, but know your support is always greatly appreciated and goes a long way into making this comic a success.