Believe in change
That's what I say
But be not changing much just yet

Believe in love
That makes our way
But be not loving just to fret

Believe in me
That friends we'll stay
But be not gone before we met

--Children's Rhyme

Through adversity the Realms have been forced to decide between action and inaction, force and evasion. Creation and destruction... Though the current state of affairs is one of peace, with trade and business thriving across the Ganeda provinces, an undercurrent of dark portents threatens to disrupt this harmony.

Lost since an unhappy childhood, Shiva has found it difficult to find her role in life. When a chance meeting with a childhood friend turns her life upside down, Shiva finds herself wrapped up in a chain of events that entwines with the future and the unanswered questions of her past. What is fate, when everything is not as it seems?

Now, after a life of running away, Shiva is forced to face what she has never wanted to. Herself.

Clay spends the better part of his time writing, trying to capture all the stray dreams and ideas that float in and out his head with his oversized notebook PC. On the rare occassion the clickety-clack of keys are not heard, he is probably reading, tickling the ivories, leveling up, or listening to way too expensive Japanese soundtracks.

Armed with his trusty Wacom tablet, Niko goes about the arduous task of translating ephemeral fantasy into ink and paper...well, virtually anyway. When the tools of the trade are stowed away, he prefers spending his time adventuring into well-worn novels, watching movies at least two-and-a-half hours long, and searching the sky for Asteroid B-612.