A starlight whisper with butterfly voices, currents of light cannot be fought.
Born as a bastard child into a wealthy Majhor family, Shiva grew up well cared for but perhaps not truly loved. When her mother died, she was sent off to a convent by her father to learn the ways of a priestess. Shiva grew weary with the strict and often hypocritical ways of religion and ran away to find a new life of her own. She now spends her days travelling, going wherever the roads take her, but so far deftly avoiding the paths that lead back to her childhood.

Mace in hand, faerie touched, life is laughter, love too much.
An old friend of Shiva's, Rico is best known for his jovial, if cheeky, personality. Though reared in a military lifestyle, Rico has little respect for authority, and even less respect for mothering by his faerie friend Lila. He's convinced that his father (and many friends) were killed by Lord Gandash, and has devoted his life to finding him and exacting revenge...on his own terms.

Stealing coins and stealing hearts, stealing what life has stolen back.
Ledin is a peculiar young child of which little is known about beyond his penchant for knicking goods from hapless Majhor residents. He is often seen with the High Priestess Calais, who uses her status to guard him from harm--and the consequences of his actions. When not terrorizing others, Ledin can be seen talking seemingly to the shadows, a habit which no one understands or cares to. His pet frog, Butsu, seems content to rest upon his head, at least most of the time.

Full of life, lost in life, yet sees in life a hope...
Priestess of Gaina
Calais is the head priestess in the city of Majhor. When not attending to church services, she usually has her hands full taking care of Ledin. Keeping him out of trouble, or at least getting him out of trouble, has become a full-time job in itself. However, mysterious disappearances to the East have Calais concerned, as much for the victims as for the government's lack of action.

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